February 25th, 2023

Worthing Community Chest Needs YOUR Vote!

Since 2001, Worthing Community Chest has awarded almost £450,000 in grants to diverse and phenomenal local groups, who have made a huge impact in Worthing. To celebrate our communities, Worthing Community Chest are launching some Community Awards, with a special twist.

In January 2023, WCC decided to use the United Nations’ global Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) as its framework. The community awards will also be themed around the UNSDGs.

To date, the groups the Community Chest have funded have contributed mainly towards; Goal 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing) and Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities)

One the objectives of their awards is that promoting the Goals (which align with Inside Magazine’s intentions) will inspire even more ideas and innovation.

Vicky Vaughan (Grants and Partnerships), Worthing Community Chest said: “We have selected seven (of 17) Global Goals, which we feel are relevant locally, as well as globally. We are encouraging the public to vote for the other three goals”. 

The pre-selected goals can be seen on the headline image. Awards are open to small charities and community groups, whether have been previously funded not. Judging will be based on the creativity of the the group’s work and the impact they have achieved so far, both locally and how they have contributed to the UNSDGs. There are two awards for each category - a winner and a runner-up, and we will chose three nominations for each category.

YOUR input is needed here!
Another 3 goals are needed to complete the categories for the Community Chest Awards 2023 which will be celebrated in November. There are 10 more goals to choose from and the vote for the final 3 is being put out to YOU, the community. Choose the one that means the most to you and let us know using the QR code which will take you straight to the Community Chest Awards Community Vote. 

Another prime objective for the awards is for sponsors to be part of our community enrichment journey, both locally and globally. The awards target is £10k, after award costs, which will re-distributed as community grants. Seed Grants, Grass Roots and Grants for Growth will be awarded to groups working towards the ten chosen UNSDG targets. Our awards create exciting collaboration opportunities for Worthing businesses and the community. Sponsors will have an opportunity to nurture the groups they sponsor, helping them to achieve their CSR, ESG and Employer Branding goals, thus creating shared value all around!

We are seeking awards community partners to achieve our goals:
• 2 main community sponsors to invest £5k each
• 1 community sponsor per category to invest £500 each
• Sponsors to help us with catering/drinks at the event
We are currently researching and designing attractive sponsorship packages, which will include prominent promotion and PR, pre, during, and post-event. Interested sponsors are invited to suggest sponsorship package and partnership ideas.

Please see their website, 

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