Terms and Conditions

1. The terms and conditions below form the agreement between the Advertiser and/or the Advertiser's agency and the Publisher (Inside Magazines/Inside Broadwater/Inside Tarring/Inside Worthing/Inside West Worthing/Inside Durrington/Inside Goring/Inside Cissbury). By placing an advertisement order with the Publisher, the Advertiser takes full responsibility for seeking the necessary authority and permission to use any images or wording that attribute to a living person.

2. The Publisher reserves the right to cancel or refuse advertisements, space reservations or position commitment at any time. All advertising content is subject to the Publisher’s approval. All advertisements must be truthful, legal and morally responsible. Any indecent images or wording will be refused. Adverts must comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice, including laws against discrimination on grounds of age, gender, race or religion, laws of fair trading and credit advertising and the Code of Advertising Practice supervised by the Advertising Standards Authority. The advertisements must not breach any contract, infringe the copyright, trademark or other right of any third party and must not be libellous of any person. Consents from third parties necessary for the publication of the advertisements are the responsibility of the Advertiser who will have obtained and paid for, including licences for third party copyright content. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse or suspend any advertising that is found to be dishonest or illegal or in breech of any of the above. As such, there can be no claim on the part of the Advertiser against the Publisher for damages or breach of contract. The Publisher shall not be liable for any cost or damages if for any reason the advertisement is not published.

3. Payment for advertising is required to secure the advertisement's publication, unless a prior arrangement has been agreed in writing (email). Payments not received by the Publisher prior to going to print will result in the advertisement being withdrawn, to be published in the relevant issue directly after payment has been received.

4. All agency invoices must be paid by the 20th day of the month following the invoice date. Commission rates will be agreed and confirmed in writing on an individual basis.

5. Advertising cancellations must be received before the booking deadline (10th of the month prior to print) and must be confirmed in writing.

6. Advertising rates are subject to review and change at any time. Advertising block bookings that have been received and paid for prior to the price change will not be affected by the price change, however, subsequent bookings will.

7. Block bookings (3, 6, and 12 month packages and advertorial packages) are payable in full for the entire package prior to printing the first advertisement in that series to take advantage of the discount. Any later change to monthly payments will be charged at the monthly rate.

8. Copyright for any artwork undertaken by the Publisher, including changes and reworkings of artwork submitted by the Advertiser remains the property of the Publisher.

9. The publisher will try to satisfy the Advertiser’s request regarding the date of publication and positioning of an advertisement, but no guarantee of date or position can be given. The publisher has no obligation to provide evidence of publication.

10. In the event of an error at the fault of the Publisher, the total liability to the Advertiser in any circumstances for any error or non-publication is limited to either a re-insertion of an advert or a proportionate refund. The Advertiser must check and is solely responsible for checking an advert before and after it is printed and must notify the Publisher of any errors within 14 days of publication. Late notification of changes resulting in erroneous publication does not render the Publisher liable for that error. The publisher is not liable for any loss of business or fund raising as a result of any omission. 

11. The publisher will not be liable if publication is delayed by events outside our control. This could include a breakdown in the printing or delivery of the publication to the publisher, or late notice of illness or disability of any member of the distribution team. The publisher will make every effort to maintain the usual time frames for printing and distribution.  

12. The Advertiser will be liable to pay the Publisher for all losses, damages, costs (including legal costs) and expenses of any kind suffered or incurred by us as a result of claims or actions from third parties, actual or threatened, arising from or in connection with the Advertiser’s breach of these terms. 

13. By placing an order with the Publisher, the Advertiser accepts these Terms and Conditions.

14. Conditions are subject to change without notice.