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Dear Liana

As an elderly lady with stage 4 cancer, as soon as your magazine arrives I look forward to doing the suduko which has sadly been missing from the last 3 issues! Grabbing the February issue, instead of the suduko was the message ' Believe and you're half way there!'

I'm reading the book 'How to starve cancer' and your message reaffirmed my hope to come through this. Thank you so much!

RS Tarring Reader

Hi Liana

Thank u so much for including my group (Worthing Weekend Walking Group) in your magazine.

I have already received several enquiries which people have said is from your magazine.

Once again very many thanks.


Following your publication of my article and the E.G.M. the Association is to continue in existence for the foreseeable future. Thank you for publishing the article.

Miss K M Best

Publicity Secretary
Worthing National Trust Association

Hi Liana please would you please include the following for the January edition. Thank you for all your help in  promoting us and providing us with what is going on in the local community and we hope you can continue to inform all us readers for the future to the success of the magazine. Our very good wishes for a happy Christmas and a good 2022. 

Good evening

 Just a quick note to thank you for the by election information.  It's good to know our comments are heeded.



Inside Goring December 2021 edition....Thoroughly enjoyed reading this Liana, 

Lots of interesting updates with a real focus on local, environment, conservation and helping community.

I've marked it with 4 sticky notes for actions following content I have read in your magazine. 

Thank you very much for bringing this to Goring. 
Celine Abbas

Dear Liana

Thanks SO much! We really appreciate it. 

It’s brilliant that the magazines are so popular - both for readers and for community writers and advertisers. 

Looking forward to receiving the next one through our door.

All the very best


Hi Liana,
Thanks for your email. I’ve benefited massively from advertising in your Inside magazines and have gained a good amount of regular customers over the past year or so. While I still have some capacity to take on more I’m going to take a break from advertising as I’m at a point I feel comfortable with at the moment.

Thank you so much for accommodating me in the various editions. Advertising with Inside Magazines really was the key to kickstarting my business!

Best regards,

David (Charmandean Foot Clinic)

Hello Liana,

Congratulations on the production of a wonderful magazine - a good mix of articles and a chance to learn a bit about what is happening in the community.

Best Wishes,

Jackie Hodson

Just a word of thanks I enjoy the Sudoku & crossword, even at the age of 93 - just right as a gentle mental tussles.
An elementary suggestion - your readers spend added time on the competition pages; if there were adverts on those pages, the adverts would presumably have added impact?
No more, but my love,

                                            Leslie F

thanks once again, Liana, for the Inside Tarring magazine.  lots of local information and my favourite crossword. Jackie

It looks great! Thanks for putting it all together so nicely, I’m really happy 😃🤍 Mina from Womamayoga, a happy advertiser.

Thank you once again for the Inside Tarring magazine.  makes me feel part of a community, and thanks for the crossword too. JH

Dear Liana
just wanted to say how much i like your little magazine and look forward to receiving it.  i like all the news stories and titbits and the adverts are useful too.  I especially like the Crossword in the back, thanks for including that.
thanks again

Thanks for the excellent Inside Broadwater magazine, I really enjoy reading it.

P. Williams

Hi Liana - wow - thanks so much for the bouldering coverage - double page spread! It looks fantastic.

Big, big thank you from all of us at Greenpeace Worthing.

Have a great weekend!

We have had at least 7 submissions for the exhibition from people who saw the article in Inside. Great way to reach people who may not use social media.
Nadia Chalk Creative Waves

Hi Liana,
I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading the magazine and your share about Bandana Health encouraged me to contact Nic. I also enjoyed the article about volunteering. I actually put my name forward for Samaritans and after being screened they have accepted me and am starting the training next month. 
I am going to try and fit this into my life as well as my 40 hour week but determined to do it to help others.

I am hoping companies will look to be more flexible in the future with work life balance and hours people have to work as I think people have really thought about what they want to do for the future.

Anyway just wanted to thank you for the lovely magazine and wish you well.
Kind regards


I am writing to say that I look forward to receiving your Inside magazine especially the colouring page.  Since lockdown I have reverted to my childhood, listening to the radio, reading and colouring.  In fact I put the poppy one on my window.  

Thank you.

Hi Liana
Hope you and yours are all fine - keeping on trucking and getting through OK?

I love how you are drawing all the different sustainability themes, issues and networks together in the INSIDE magazines so positively!  

I don't know HOW you manage such an enormous task,  pulling Environment/nature, Society/community and Economics/business closer together to solve local sustainability issues and with such genuine  'care'  and concern  - but well done you!  Barbara Shaw

Dear Liana,
I’ve been looking for Gary the Gull through your excellent magazine ‘Inside Tarring’M. Whitehead

Keep up the good work! P. Gee

Thank you for the magazine each month. Very useful and interesting. 
M. Mugridge

Hi Liana,

Thanks for another interesting magazine issue. 
C. Mayers

I enjoy reading Inside Durrington 

Cheers S. Mason

Keep up the good work. J Field

Your magazine is very much enjoyed and is kept until the next one is delivered. J. Blackmore

Thanks for producing Inside Durrington, I am really enjoying it, it's informative and interesting. S. Harrison, Durrington

.Many thanks for a great magazine. J. Skitt

Excellent magazine, glad it's expanding from D Stephens

I would just like to say that my husband & I love your magazine for Inside Tarring. from L. Page 

I've just read the latest Inside East Worthing and am very impressed with the content, ethos and feel to the whole magazine.
The layout makes it very easy to read too. From Nadia Chalk, Creative Waves

Congratulations on doing such  a wonderful job promoting our YOU GROUP, thank you so much. L. from Durrington

Read by all....

I am a 14 year old living in Durrington.  We recently received your magazine 'Inside Durrington'. I really enjoyed reading it - especially the article about the history of the allotments in Durrington and the map which covers where I live! LT (young reader)

Just received 'Inside Durrington' Mag. Well done, this will help lots of people, especially us elderly ... 
Congratulations on its publication and warmest best wishes to you and your staff for its production. 

Kind regards, 

Lesley Raphael said this about her Laughter Club......

Hi Liana   This is just to thank you so much for the article in last month's Inside Broadwater on laughter.   I had a number of new attendees at the monthly  laughter club as a result, and also a private booking to do a session as a large corporate health and wellbeing staff day, so this really helped to raise the profile.     I appreciate your helping to spread the word about this wonderful  health and wellbeing exercise!      If you ever fancy coming along to the Worthing Laughter Club I would be happy to give you a free session as a way of a thankyou.   I wish you continued success with the lovely little magazine.   Kind regards   Lesley Raphael 

Leighton from Broadwater Cricket Club said....

Hello Liana, your publication sounds really exciting for the Broadwater area and we'd love to get involved in someway.

Paul Baker, one of Broadwater's Councillors said....

Hi, I am really interested to see how this develops. As one of the Broadwater Councillors along with Cllr Vicky Vaughan and Cllr Nigel Morgan, I would like to help in any way I can. Please, let me say straight away any help would be totally for the benefit of Broadwater and not with any political agenda, I just want to promote Broadwater as a great place to work and live. Supporting the people and events where I can and to the best of my ability. I wish this venture every success.

Tim Nicholls. Chairman of South Broadwater Resident's Society said....

Hi Liana....So nice to hear from you.....You were very much missed. Very glad that you are planning a new publication. I am sure we would be pleased for you to publish our news.