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Who reads this newspaper? Can you provide information about the readers’ age, income level, interests, and geographic location?
How many copies of the newspaper are printed and distributed? Is it delivered to specific neighbourhoods or available at various locations?
    How do you measure the success of print ads? Can you share examples of businesses that have seen positive results from newspaper ads?
    What guidance can you provide on creating an effective ad? Where will the ad be placed in the newspaper (e.g., front page, classifieds)?

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      Full Page

      280mm wide x 335mm high
      + 3mm bleed on each edge

      Half Page

      A 250mm wide x 144mm high  B 119mm wide x 290mm high

      Quarter Page

      122mm wide x 144mm high

      Eighth Page

      121mm wide x 68.5mm high

      1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
      Full Page £293 £840 £1650 £3157
      Half Page £165 £484 £935 £1760
      Quarter Page £99 £275 £528 £1034
      Eighth page £60 £165 £319 £616


      front page
      quarter strip
      £330 £957 £1903 £3740
      inside front
      £402 £1177 £2310 £4510
      inside back
      £402 £1177 £2310 £4510
      back page
      £462 £1375 £2717 £5335
      5% loyalty discount for advertising in more than one edition. 10% for all editions. 10% premium for upgrading to early right hand pages (5, 7 and 9). 20% premium for upgrading to p3. Prices are subject to VAT
      *prices are per edition (8 editions see Distribution page for print and distribution details)

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      Would you prefer a smaller advert?

      Make your budget stretch further with these small "listings" style advertising boxes. These are bookable for 12 months in all editions. We will invoice you monthly to make it easier for cashflow. These adverts are an excellent way to reach 45,000 households, as well as an average of 100 online readers a day - AND included in the listings in our Index, to help your potential customers to easily find your advert.

      Price per month for 12 months in all 7 editions just £200.00 plus VAT (£28.57 per edition to reach an average of 7,000 homes a month, plus 100 online readers a day).