February 22nd, 2024

Windsor House Hotel planning hearing to be held at Worthing Town Hall

A public hearing will be held at Worthing Town Hall in March to decide whether a developer should be allowed to use the Windsor House Hotel for housing.

A planning inspector will consider whether or not SDR Group should have planning permission to use the building in Windsor Road as shared living accommodation with 44 bedrooms divided into 5 self-contained annexes, each with shared kitchen, dining and living spaces.

In January 2023, Worthing’s planning committee refused an application by the Sussex-based housing and social care provider that would have allowed the former hotel to be converted into shared living accommodation. SDR Group subsequently appealed that decision to the Planning Inspectorate.

The public hearing to consider the appeal will take place at Worthing Town Hall on Tuesday 26th March.

The inspector will review all of the written evidence and statements that have already been submitted but will also consider evidence given on the day.

The planning inspector will not make their decision immediately but will instead consider all of the material that has been provided. It is likely to be several weeks after the hearing before the inspector’s decision is published.

The council will provide updates ahead of the hearing via www.facebook.com/worthingboroughcouncil. 

For more information about how the planning appeal hearing process works, visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/planning-appeals-dealt-with-by-a-hearing-taking-part/guide-to-taking-part-in-planning-and-listed-building-consent-appeals-proceeding-by-a-hearing.
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