August 31st, 2023

Worthing Borough Council Leader calls for an end to closure of train ticket offices

The Leader of Worthing Borough Council, Cllr Dr Beccy Cooper, has urged rail operators to reconsider plans to close ticket offices in Worthing.

Under the proposed plans, ticket offices would permanently close across the country and locally at Goring, Durrington, West Worthing and Worthing. Station staff will be available to help passengers on train station concourses only.

Train operators have launched a public consultation on the proposed changes and local provider Southern said that the move “supports its wider moves to modernise the railway, put customer service at its heart and offer a more varied and interesting role for colleagues”. 

In her letter to the operators, Cllr Dr Cooper highlighted that ticket offices provide services that are not available at station vending machines, including season tickets, refunds, disabled persons discounts and cash payments.  

Cllr Cooper said: “We strongly believe that should these plans go ahead, passengers' access to rail services and best value fares would be hugely impacted.

“Disabled people and the elderly in particular already face significant barriers to accessing the rail network and these proposals would only worsen them. Interaction with ticket office staff is often vital for these groups and at many stations access to facilities such as toilets, disabled toilets, waiting rooms and lifts is dependent on help from ticket office staff. 

“Ticket office staff are trained and experienced in dealing with difficult incidents and the presence of staff deters abusive and anti-social behaviour, meaning they are crucial to passenger safety. ‘Roving’ staff will be much harder to locate and will not present the same deterrent.

“In terms of cost effectiveness, it is difficult to see how train operators would be able to demonstrate that their proposals would make cost savings, unless there is the intention to reduce staffing. I am wholly opposed to any cuts to station staffing and this cannot be used to justify a policy that will worsen passenger service, accessibility, safety, security and access to rail services.”

Train passengers and residents have until Friday 1st September to have their say on the proposed changes. Visit to take part. 
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