July 3rd, 2023

Calling small local charities! Annonymous donor sponsors space in Inside Publications

An anonymous advertising order has been sent in to Inside, to give advertising space to local charities. After visiting a close relative in the Inside Cissbury area, the anonymous donor made contact to say that they had picked up the magloid and enjoyed reading it so much that they would like a copy sent to their home which is out of area. After deciding to read future copies online, Liana was then asked if some space could be booked to cover the cost of an advert for local charities.
Do you know, run or belong to a local registered charity that has not already had exposure within the publications but could really do with the exposure? If so, email Liana (liana@insidepublications.ltd) with the name of the charity, the charity number, around 250 words of text to describe what they/you do and any images and logos that would help to inspire people to get involved/donate. The advert will feature in all editions over the next 3 months, and one charity will be chosen for each of the 3 months. The choice with be made randomly, but all who apply will get a listing/menton.
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Tags: Community, Worthing

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Jo Sullivan - July 4th, 2023 11:03am
Hi Liana
I run Superstar Arts - a charity that delivers creative projects to adults with learning disabilities. We support them to design create a d produce their own brilliant products. We would love to raise awareness of our online shop and charity shop - where they gain valuable work experience and process orders.
Every purchase online and in our Charity shop helps keep our small local charity going.



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