The Worthing Podcasts

Now you can listen to us too!

We are excited to announce that Inside has partnered with Patrick Woodward, a talented local voice artist, to bring you The Worthing Podcast. This is a monthly 15-minute show where we dive into the stories and events that matter to you, our readers. You might also catch Patrick at some of the local happenings, interviewing people and capturing the atmosphere. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the voice of Worthing! 


Episode 2

This month we visit Audio Active as they open new rehearsal rooms in Worthing, look back to Picnic in the Park in Tarring Park, and chat about what else you can find in Inside in September. With Liana, Esme and Patrick.

Episode 1

In our first episode, we introduce ourselves and celebrate one of our regular contributors Matt Marchant, whose repair work is featured on TV. We also take you to Broadwater’s Big Day Out, where Patrick chats with one of the organisers and enjoys the festivities. Don’t miss this chance to hear the voice of Worthing!


The Worthing Podcast is back! Starting soon, but here's a very short trailer with a flavour of what's gone before.